The medical providers at Golden Gate Urgent Care have seen many children in San Francisco, California, who are sick, hurt or injured. Our providers have both the experience and knowledge to treat pediatric patients and our hours make it very convenient for busy parents and for when other offices may be closed.

Pediatrics Q & A

What is Pediatrics?

Pediatrics is the field of medicine that specifically focuses on the treatment and diagnosis of diseases and injuries in children. Anyone under the age of 18 is considered a child. Doctors who focus on pediatrics are called pediatricians.

When Should Parents Take Their Children to a Pediatrician?

There are several times when parents should take their children to see a pediatrician:

  • Children should go for regular wellness exams, as determined by their primary care physician
  • Children should be evaluated by a qualified medical provider anytime they’re sick or injured beyond a minor sniffle or scrape
  • Children who need a physical before participating in a sports league should see a pediatrician for one

Most importantly, anytime a child’s health is in danger, they should see a medical provider. Sometimes children can wait to see the pediatrician they normally see. When they need more urgent medical attention, a pediatrician who practices at an urgent care center may be able to provide quality care sooner than a child’s primary care physician. If there is ever a doubt as to how quickly a child needs to see a pediatrician, parents should error on the side of caution and get them to a pediatrician sooner rather than later.

How Long is a Pediatric Appointment?

Pediatric appointments can vary in length because children see pediatricians for all sorts of ailments. The vast majority of appointments, however, are relatively short, and almost all pediatric appointments are completed in a day at most. If a medical condition requires more intense care and ongoing observation, children are usually sent to a hospital where they can stay until they’re well.

In many cases, urgent care centers are able to provide expedited medical services for children. Unlike most doctors offices, children don’t need to make an appointment before going to an urgent care center. Additionally, centers typically have shorter waiting times than emergency rooms.


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