Four Reasons To Switch From Cocktails To Mocktails (Includes Recipes!)

From pool parties to barbecues to vacations, alcohol often accompanies popular summertime activities.  While a drink or two can be safe and fun, excessive alcohol consumption can cause unintended (and unhealthy) consequences.  To get the most summertime enjoyment while avoiding the downside of alcohol, we highly recommend switching from cocktails to mocktails (short for “mock cocktails”), which are non-alcoholic mixed drinks.  Here are four of our favorite reasons to make the switch!

1. Mocktails prevent dehydration.

One of the downsides of alcohol is that it’s a diuretic, which means it makes you urinate more than usual.  Drinking alcohol in warm weather is especially problematic because it’s even more likely to lead to dehydration.  Mocktails are a much healthier choice in the summer because they hydrate you instead of dehydrating you.

Try this refreshing Lavender Lemonade recipe for an easy, refreshing summer sip!

2. Mocktails save you money.

Buying alcoholic drinks when you’re out with friends can cost two to three times as much as non-alcoholic drinks.  The same goes with buying ingredients to make cocktails at home. The bottom line is, Liquor adds up! Whether you buy them when you’re out or make them at home, mocktails will be healthier for your budget (not to mention your body!)

Here’s the recipe for a 3-ingredient Strawberry Agua Fresca we think you and your guests will love!

3. Mocktails provide nutrients.

Alcohol is mostly “empty calories,” which means the calories you consume in these drinks contain zero nutritional value.  Mocktails, on the other hand, can be highly nutritious when made with the right ingredients. For instance, using iced green tea, kombucha or unsweetened juice as the base and adding in fresh fruit and herbs can result in a delicious, highly-nutritious beverage.

For example, try making this refreshing Cucumber Lemon Kombucha Mocktail.

4. Mocktails give you better memories.

The morning after overindulging in alcohol, many people wake up with regrettable memories of spending too much money, drunk-dialing an ex, eating junk food or having unsafe sex.  In some cases, when people drink even more excessively, they end up with no memory of the previous night at all because they blacked out.  When you choose mocktails over cocktails, you’ll wake up the next day with memories of family and friends and enjoyable events instead of regret.

This Copa Verde mocktail, made with avocado, lime juice, thyme, agave syrup and club soda, is a memorable drink that’s sure to add to your next special occasion.


We hope you’re having a happy, healthy summer!  We’re here seven days a week to care for you if you need us.  Make an appointment or simply walk in to any of our six Bay Area locations to get the care you need.

Sarah Thebarge MMSc, PA-C Sarah Thebarge earned her physician assistant degree at Yale School of Medicine, and then studied journalism at Columbia School of Journalism. She has been a physician assistant and a freelance journalist since 2004. In addition to caring for patients at Golden Gate Urgent Care, Sarah frequently volunteers her medical skills in the developing world. Her writing has appeared in Huffington Post, USA Today and National Geographic, and her blog was featured on She is the author of the memoir The Invisible Girls and the upcoming book WELL: Healing our Beautiful, Broken World from a Hospital in West Africa. She currently lives in the Mission District of San Francisco.

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